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Tom Poulos, Managing Partner, Co-Owner

Mr. Poulos began his career at McGavren Guild in 1976 and was appointed New England regional manager in 1978. He became the General Manager in 1992 and subsequently President from 1999 to 2004. McGavren Guild was the largest of the five subsidiaries of Interep, the biggest independent radio representation firm in the US, with gross sales in excess of one billion dollars. McGavren Guild’s sales were in excess of $359M. Mr. Poulos is currently in the commercial real estate business as well as a partner in WGFP-AM, licensed to Webster, Massachusetts.


Shane O’Neil, Managing Partner, Co-Owner

Formerly the CEO of RKO, Mr. O’Neil, together with Siemens Electric, built the first operating fiber-optic cable TV system in the U.S. Under his leadership, RKO Radio’s major market radio stations grew significantly, leading to their highly-profitable sale. Subsequently he successfully rescued Odyssey, a NASDAQ-listed international film and television distributor that was about to enter bankruptcy.  Mr. O’Neil is a former Director of the Boy Scouts of America and trustee of Emerson College as well as one of the founders of the American Museum of the Moving Image.


Ken Spitzer, Managing Partner, Co-Owner

Mr. Spitzer started in the radio broadcasting business in sales and progressed through various management positions in major markets. Formerly a Regional Vice President of Clear Channel Radio, he also founded Astro Communications, the creator of the Delilah syndication program. He has been a multiple small-market radio station owner continuously since 1982 and is a partner with Mr. Poulos in WGFP-AM. Mr. Spitzer is a former Board Member of the Starlight Foundation of Massachusetts and the Bay State Juvenile Diabetes Association.


Kurt Gorman, Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Technology Officer

Kurt Gorman started Phasetek in 1990 to provide the broadcast industry with high-quality, custom-engineered and designed AM Phasing and Branching systems, Antenna Tuning units, Multiplexers, and RF components. Phasetek provides coaxial transmission lines, ground system material, phase monitors, field strength meters, complete sampling systems, R.F. Ammeters, all types of capacitors and other items essential to a specialty installation. Phasetek starts with engineering drawings and specifications, individual parts lists identifying component parts, circuit diagrams and package specifications; all of which are supplied with each installation or repair. Phasetek Inc.’s manufacturing facility is located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA, and includes a complete sheet metal, machine shop and assembly departments. Phasetek is one of the most-advanced, specialized RF design shops in the broadcast antenna industry.