Seeing (and hearing) is believing.

The High-Efficiency Broadband Antenna (HEBA) is the anti-old antenna.

Providing the best value in the AM and medium-wave antenna business, the HEBA offers the most flexible solution for broadcast groups,
new, independent stations or stations that need to relocate their antennas.

How is the HEBA different from conventional AM antenna technology?

  • Antenna height is only between 20-50 feet above its base
  • No ground system is required: the HEBA can be installed on a rooftop, a silo, inside a non-metallic enclosure or on the back of a truck as well as on the ground
  • The antenna requires only between 900-3,600 square feet of space (most installations will be smaller), which means limited fall zone
  • No painting, no strobe lights, no FAA approval required
  • Performs well with AM “HD” (IBOC) transmission
  • Lower maintenance and insurance costs than a conventional antenna
  • Better environmental performance: extensive testing indicates no icing issues
    passed a significant wind testing process
    no risk to migratory birds